Monday, November 7, 2016

I'm at my First Job


Hello everyone.Yeah I was officially doing a job right now and the best part is its in android development. In our university 3rd year 1st semester is reserved for a mandatory internship and that is why i'm doing this.and dunno what will happen to me in here but I will do my best to learn few things more and of course i'll share them with you. OK then gotta go now.see you all

Friday, January 1, 2016

About time!

  well it's been a long time since I add something to the blog but there is a saying "late is better than never" so here i am starting again.

currently I am developing a Messenger application for android platform using Google Cloud Messaging.Its a very handy api if you wanna send push notifications to a can even send upstream messages but you have to use xmpp for it.I will make a complete tutorial on how to implement GCM on your application later.,until then happy coding guyz