Saturday, June 23, 2018

WOW it's almost the 6th week

Hello everyone..WOW it's almost the 6th week in the GSoC and I'm in the edge of completing UI related improvements and with the help of my mentor, I think I can complete almost everything within the coming week.
In the previous week, I have successfully completed the Charts display optimizations and I had some spare time to move into the other task too which is related to some internal UI component called RangedEditText.

The above image shows the changes I have done to the Charts display fragment. In nutshell, I have just moved the child component of the previously existed ExpandableListView by opening it on a new Activity. It makes the whole TabView activity lite and run smooth.
Within next week I hope to conclude all the UI related tasks and then move into the Security tasks under the guidance of my mentor Shivang.I guess that ll be all for now.Catch you all later.

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