Sunday, May 20, 2018

First week of my Google Summer of Code life

hello everyone,

The first week of my Google summer of code life is almost completed and I'm very excited to share my experiences with you all.
This week we all have started our coding contributions to the projects and I have also started to implement my first task which is the provider module and since it is a big task I have divided it into few subtasks and initiated the developments. To gather more knowledge about the provider module I have referred the wiki documentation which is related to provider module APIs and also asked questions about it in Talk. I got into a trouble while installing the openMRS platform locally on my windows machine and currently I'm solving it too.
After It gets solved I can continue my developemnts from next week and I hope to make a PR by completing some tasks in next week also. So I guess I'm holding pretty good and will update you all soon, See you guys

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